Digital Assets and Internet Liability

What Entrepreneurs Must Know About Digital Assets and Internet Liability

Rotimi Ogunyemi, Managing Partner at Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. a specialist Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law Practice in Lagos and a digital strategist and developer, shares insights on how technological advancement is changing the business environment, with emphasis on what entrepreneurs should know about digital assets and internet liability

Business today has experienced a number of disruptive changes. From the Industrial revolution to computing, and, now the knowledge economy, where information is invaluable, these disruptions have moved the world, as we know it, forward.  The active forces behind the industrial revolution were breakthroughs in hardware innovation; the steam engines, railroads and manufacturing industries all came alive. Next came telephones and mainframe computers. But today it is all about information technology and software – all sorts of new computer applications – that move markets and has forever changed the way we do business. Read more