11th Annual Business Law Conference of the NBA Section on Business Law

Bayo Ogunyemi&Co. Managing Partner, Rotimi Ogunyemi, Esq will be a Panelist at the session on “Technology, Innovation and the Law Firm of the Future” at the 11th Annual Business Law Conference of the NBA Section on Business Law on Monday, 19th June, 2017. Learn More


Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq., Managing Partner of Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. and 2nd Vice Chair – ICT Committee, Nigeria Bar AssociationSection on Business Law will be lead Instructor and Resource person for the Course – TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY AND REGULATION at an International Telecommunications Union and Digital Bridge Institute course organised for the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria from May 22 – 26, 2017


Crypto-Currency Workshop And Conference, Lagos, June 28-30 2017

The Digital Bridge Institute, an International centre for Information and Communication Technology studies and government institution established by the Nigerian Communications Commission in collaboration with Spindlar Cyberlaw Centre is organising a 3-day Crypto Currency Workshop themed: Technology, Legal and Business Aspects of Crypto Currencies in a Disruptive Technology/Post Internet Era, scheduled to hold in Lagos, Nigeria from June 28- 30, 2017

Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq, Managing Partner of BAYO OGUNYEMI& CO. and Co-founder, Spindlar Cyberlaw Centre will be making various presentations during the Workshop and Conference. Learn More

Capacity Building Workshop for Board Members of The Nigerian Communications Commission, March 27 – 31, 2017

Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq., the Managing Partner of Bayo Ogunyemi&Co. will make a presentation March 28&29 2017 on “Telecommunications Law and Regulations” and “Cybersecurity and Cyber Laws” at the Five-Day Workshop for Board Members of The Nigerian Communications Commission organised by the Digital Bridge Institute. Themed “The Effective Board: Meeting the Governance Challenges of the 21st Century” slated to hold from March 27- 31, 2017 at 9:00am at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos.

Other speakers at the Professional event includes Prof. Pat Utomi, Prof. Godfrey Onyiagha and Oloniteru J. Olutoyin (Ph.d, in view)



Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Seminar for Legislators on The Legislators Role in Facilitating Broadband Deployment in Nigeria, November 2016

Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq., Information and Communications Technology Law (ICT) Attorney, will Lead a Session on “Legislative Imperative for Broadband Deployment in Nigeria” at a Seminar for Legislators organised by the Nigerian Communications Commission scheduled to hold on the 5th of November 2016. The Session will create an avenue for Legislators to brainstorm on key issues pertaining to Broadband as a key driver of Social and Economic Development in Nigeria


Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq., Managing Partner of Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. will be lead Instructor for the Course: LEGAL & REGULATORY ISSUES IN TELECOM at the Digital Bridge Institute scheduled to hold at Lagos, Nigeria from September 19- 23, 2016


This course provides an overview of the history of telecommunications in general and Nigeria in particular. The course establishes the regulatory framework in Nigerian Telecom space, regulation and competition, the major statutes and court cases that have shaped the industry, the key economic principles underlying regulation, the current status of regulation, and indications of the likely future of regulation. Read more


Rotimi Ogunyemi, Managing Partner at Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. will be a Lead Instructor and Subject Matter Expert at the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and Digital Bridge Institute Training on TELECOMMUNICATIONS LAWS AND REGULATIONS at Abuja, Nigeria holding on JUNE 20 – 24, 2016



The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about contracting techniques in the telecom sector.

Negotiating and drafting effective and watertight telecoms contracts on an international level is a highly complex skill. The underlying regulations and the effect that they have on contracts and other commercial agreements can be difficult for even the most equipped in-house lawyer and more often it is not the lawyer in the driving seat.

Commercial managers from all areas of the telecommunications industry are leading negotiations based around complex regulatory issues whilst drafting and managing hugely valuable contracts. Legal counsel and commercial executives must possess the skills and tactics for successful negotiation and the knowledge to ensure that the agreements are within industry laws and regulations. Read more

Maximise Summit, Aug 9th – 17th, 2016

Maximise Summit, August 9th-17th, 2016

Rotimi Ogunyemi, Managing Partner at Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. will be speaking on the Topic: Online Business Law, Intellectual Property and Liability in an Information Society. He will address issues on the following:

  • What is an Online Business and what general law and cyberlaw issues are applicable?
  • What are the legal risks involved in doing business online- including intellectual property issues
  • What are the issues pertaining to online contracts and contracts generally?
  • What Legal considerations should business entities or individuals with online presence take cognisance of?


Digital Assets and Internet Liability

What Entrepreneurs Must Know About Digital Assets and Internet Liability

Rotimi Ogunyemi, Managing Partner at Bayo Ogunyemi & Co. a specialist Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law Practice in Lagos and a digital strategist and developer, shares insights on how technological advancement is changing the business environment, with emphasis on what entrepreneurs should know about digital assets and internet liability

Business today has experienced a number of disruptive changes. From the Industrial revolution to computing, and, now the knowledge economy, where information is invaluable, these disruptions have moved the world, as we know it, forward.  The active forces behind the industrial revolution were breakthroughs in hardware innovation; the steam engines, railroads and manufacturing industries all came alive. Next came telephones and mainframe computers. But today it is all about information technology and software – all sorts of new computer applications – that move markets and has forever changed the way we do business. Read more